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F E A T U R E D   A R T

 R E C E N T   H I L I G H T S

Pleasant Peninsula Art & Activism Fair

(September, 2022)

This 2022 ArtPrize Interactive installation invited local Michigan Artists and Activists to collaborate, educate, and vend at Rosa Park Circle in the midst of downtown Grand Rapids. 

As one of the 20 artists selected to attend, I was honored to present various artworks of my stylistic nature. This included a Native Flower series made to present to this event as educational prints and bookmarks. 

Enchanted Forest Exhibit 

(May 24th - July 9th, 2022)

The Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts Presented this exhibition, featuring 45 artists, to reflect the beauty of the Manistee National Forest. Artists from across the state were asked to consider how the word 'enchanted' embodies their art in relation to the local landscape

My entry, "Amidst the Woods" (2022) was created using sculpted clay adorned with dried Michigan flora, feathers, mushrooms, and reclaimed jewelry. The piece is mounted in a wooden wreath wreath on canvas - A literal presentation of the natural beauty within our local landscapes.

Storm Drain Initiative

(August, 2021)

This mural was created in collaboration with Lions & Rabbits Center for the Arts. The Storm Drain Initiative was commissioned to raise awareness of water pollution throughout the city of Grand Rapids and to promote LGROW's Adopt-A-Drain program. 

(Process Photo featured by Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.- Photographed by Bryan Esler)

...Carefully Listen...

I believe that we as individuals are far more potent than any one summarization. As creatives and whimsical thinkers, we must embrace all the colors and potentials our natures have to offer. 

To find fascination within our lives, in all the quirks and mysticisms, can boast great changes and inspiration to this world. 

The seed starts within us, but can span far beyond our physical reach. Find the courage to seek beauty within and around you. You might be surprised at how easy it is to observe with admiration. 

Create Enchanting Change

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